Jim Peltier Ph.D. also Known as Eleiah


Free Kofutu Spiritual Healing

In keeping with my commitment to "Being of Service to Humanity"  I offer Free Spiritual Healing as a gift to you. Please provide me with your First, Middle and Last Name and I will put on my Kofutu Healing Chain for Three Months 24/7.

You can also request to put your immediate family members who are living at home on my Kofutu Healing Chain. If a person has a very serious condition then a Specific Physical or Psychological Healing is recommended.

ADDITIONAL HEALINGS also are available include for a Suggested Gift/Offering:

  • Physical Healing  $50.00 USD
      Specify the Specific Issues
  • Psychological Healing   $50.00 USD
    Specify the Specific Issues
  • Healing Intensive  $150.00 USD
    (A 21 day healing three times per day used when
       nothing else seems to work)
  • Emotional/Psychic Detachment Healing $50.00 USD
      Specify the Names of Both People

Kofutu Spiritual Healing is designed to restore a State of Connectedness with your Divine Self, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually by Activating Your Inner Resources.

Jim Peltier
2217 Santa Ana
Las Cruces NM 88011-7003

email  eleiah33@gmail.com

KOFUTU FORMULA HEALING does not require the physical presence of the healing recipient. The Physical Healing Script covers every conceivable physical ailment. The Psychological Healing Script has over one hundred psychological issues for the healer and recipient to choose from. In Relationship Healing, the recipient states what relationship needs the Spiritual Healing. The healing assists the relationship to move to a state of consciousness that is in the best Spiritual interest of both people.

The Kofutu Healing Chain provides Spiritual Healing 24 hours a day much like an intravenous feeding drop by drop. Please provide me with your First, Middle and Last Name

All services are available in my healing center or in the comfort of your home using distant healing or aura/intuitive readings.

By Design any Psychic Intent for a Specific Outcome either Conscious or Unconscious by the Healer or Recipient is Blocked so the Healing Remains Pure. Kofutu Assists The Recipient To Obtain Whatever is Needed for her/his Spiritual Growth and Healing. This means drawing upon all the resources available, medical, holistic healing, a book, etc.. In the case of medical, you would be guided to the right doctor and treatment, the right hospital and the best time that would maximize the healing that you need.

Physical Pain:
Is the mechanism whereby the physical body informs us that there is a need for attention and care.

Non-Physical Pain: Is emotional or mental information that a relationship requires attention. All relationships are inherently with the universe and in effect with oneself.

Spiritual Pain: Is non-alignment with one's spiritual nature. In Spiritual Healing it is possible that the Spiritual, Mental or Emotional issue can be totally removed and Divine Wisdom, Love, Peace and Bliss put in its place if the recipient is open for change (psychological flexibility).  
In dealing with Physical Issues, Spiritual Healing will create perhaps Three Types of Out - Comes or Combinations of These if the recipient is open for change (psychological flexibility).

(1) You may have a spontaneous remission of the physical problem.

(2) You are guided by your Inner Spiritual Being to draw upon any of the resources available on Earth, medical, holistic healing, a book, etc., as a part of your healing process. In the case of medical, you would be guided to the right doctor and the right method of treatment, the right hospital and the best time that would maximize the healing that you need.

(3) Your Spiritual Self assists you in releasing everything that is creating the pain within you and you learn the wisdom and understanding from within so that you remain in the Higher Emotions and Consciousness of your Spirit which are Peace, Joy, Love, Bliss, Wisdom, and Understanding and Knowingness. In this state of consciousness the physical issue is only a minor inconvenience. You may even choose to leave the Earth and return home into the ocean of pure love.

Biographical Information
Jim is a Certified Kofutu Formula Grand Master who has been using Kofutu personally and with other people since 1983. Also, he has been teaching Kofutu Formula Healing and Touch Healing since 1989.

Jim completed his Ph.D. at the International College of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences in Montreal, Canada, and has a Masters Degree in Counseling and is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

As humans, most of us have experienced physical pain or disease, emotional and mental fears and trauma. We may have dealt with these fears and trauma by creating emotional and mental blocks for protection. While these blocks helped you to cope with a situation in that moment, as time goes on these blocks limit your ability to move on. These blocks create 95% of all physical and psychological problems that people have.

Almost all fear and trauma have a physical memory in the body, and a mental memory in the mind. True healing is releasing both of these memories and the creation of new understanding using your Inner Spirit's wisdom. Kofutu Spiritual Healing works to truly heal both the physical and mental memory and replace that experience with Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding.