Jim Peltier Ph.D. also Known as Eleiah

Other Certified Kofutu Formula Instructors and My Favorite Links

Here is a List of Certified Kofutu Formula Healers and a few other Links.


Carmem St Pierre Certified Kofutu Formula Healing Practioner and Instructor

Carmen is a great Clairvoyant and Spiritual person. She is the most gifted Clairvoyant that I have ever known. She is a Kofutu Formula Healing Level 7 Gifted Healer and Instructor. Carmen is the real deal if you want clarity of what is going on in your life.

Carmen St. Pierre, B.Ed, CHt.
Multidimensional Healer-Medium
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Email address: stpcarmen@shaw.ca


Global Enlightenment Project

Christopher Macklin founder The Global Enlighenment Project.
Christopher Channels Divine Healing via YouTube. Online Group Healing 3 times a week.
Donation based Healing if you can afford to give.

Website  https://www.globalenlightenmentproject.com/

Therese Rubin Certified Kofutu Formula Master and Instructor

Therese Rubin is a wonderful Certified Kofutu Formula Healer Practioner, Kofutu Formula Healing Instructor and has translated Kofutu Fomula Healing into German.

Energy-Teaching co/Rubinenergie GmbH, Postfach 370, CH-3422 Kirchberg, Bern, Schweiz
Tel. +41 79 469 82 22
Email:  verlag@kofutu.ch
Skype: rubinenergie


Link zur Heilpraxis: https://www.raumfuerenergie.ch/kofutu



International College of Spiritual & Psychic Sciences

This is where I did my Doctorate Degree. A wonderful program with a complete curriculum.


Universal Life Church

A great place to get ordained as a minister that is recognized by the USA IRS.


Carol AnnBrown

Carol Ann Brown is a Gifted Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive. She provides many Services along with DVD's and CD's and other Products. Carol is a Kofutu Healing Practioner, along with Reiki and Spectrum Healing. I highly recommend you check out Carol's Services and see if anything resonates with you.


Elle"s Spiritual Life Coaching

Elle Strand, Spirituatl Life coaching and more. Elle is a gifted Spiritual Coach with many years of experience. I strongly recommend that you check out what she has to offer. 361.360.1960 or email elle@ellestrand.com.



Tamara Caulder Richardson

Tamara is a Divine Being in her Earthly Body. She is providing a Vreat Spiritual Service to Humanity. I strongly suggest to check out her websites and see if she has something that you are looking for.