Jim Peltier Ph.D. also Known as Eleiah

Other Certified Kofutu Formula Instructors and My Favorite Links

Here is a List of Certified Kofutu Formula Healers and a few other Links.


Church Of The Cosmos

Church Of The Cosmos: Temple Of Light  (COTC:TOL). This is purported channeled Information from Dr. Joshua David Stone.

Some information resonates with me, others "not so much." COTC:TCOL does not necessaritly agree of disagree with the information presented on the website. You decide what resonates with you for your own personal quest for Truth, Spirit, and your Spiritual Growth. Some of the information is the same that I provide in Spiritual Development Level 1 Manual. The Topics are Ascended Beings, Resources, Meditations and Other Topics.

Website   https://churchofthecosmos.wordpress.com/

Christopher Macklin founder The Global Enlighenment Project.
Christopher Channels Divine Healing via YouTube. Online Group Healing 3 times a week.
Donation based Healing if you can afford to give.

Website  https://www.globalenlightenmentproject.com/

Therese Rubin is a wonderful Certified Kofutu Formula Healer Practioner, Kofutu Formula Healing Instructor and has translated Kofutu Fomula Healing into German.

Energy-Teaching co/Rubinenergie GmbH, Postfach 370, CH-3422 Kirchberg, Bern, Schweiz
Tel. +41 79 469 82 22
Email:  verlag@kofutu.ch
Skype: rubinenergie


Link zur Heilpraxis: https://www.raumfuerenergie.ch/kofutu



International College of Spiritual & Psychic Sciences

This is where I did my Doctorate Degree. A wonderful program with a complete curriculum.


Universal Life Church

A great place to get ordained as a minister that is recognized by the USA IRS.


Carol AnnBrown

Carol Ann Brown is a Gifted Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive. She provides many Services along with DVD's and CD's and other Products. Carol is a Kofutu Healing Practioner, along with Reiki and Spectrum Healing. I highly recommend you check out Carol's Services and see if anything resonates with you.





Tamara Caluder Richardson
Tamara is a Divine Being in her Early Body. She is providing a Great Spiritual Service to Humanity. I strongly suggest you check out her websites and see if she has something that you are looking for.