Jim Peltier Ph.D. also known as Eleiah


Thank you for visiting my site and may your day be filled with Peace and Joy. If you want to contact me regarding Healing Work, Classes, Meditation CD's, Intuitive Reading, Moments of Sharing Newsletter or any questions about your Spiritual Path please do so.


Jim Peltier

2217 Santa Ana

Las Cruces NM 88011-7003

541 388-1254

email  eleiah33@gmail.com

I live in beautiful Las Cruces, New Mexico in the desert and the beautiful Organ Mountains. It is a great place to visit and receive some of my healing work or take Kofutu Healing Training.

In 1985 I was guided by several Archangels to created the Living Essence Ministry. What this means is for me to teach the "The Inward Path" to enlightenment. Each of us has the Pure Essence of Spirit within her or him self. The Living Essence Ministry statement is to Live the Divine Essence within you.

In 1989 I was asked by the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm to move to Bend, Oregon as they need a Spiritual Teacher there.

In 2014 the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realm and the Great Cosmic Beings asked if I would move to Las Cruces, NM so this is where I will be until my transition August 13, 2064.