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Jim Peltier, Ph.D.

While Kofutu Touch Healing began in 1981 it is the New Generation of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Awakening. I have updated the Kofutu Touch Healing Manual with the latest guidance from Ascended Master Tamarasha. Kofutu Touch Healing has Regular Healing for Physical, Emotional and Mental issues along with Spiritual Development Healing so you can totally realign your Ego-Self with your Divine-Self. Kofutu Touch Healing put you in total control of your Spiritual Growth.

Kofutu Touch Healing is now available in Spanish.
"Kofutu Toque Curación" ya está disponible en Español.

GRATIS: Curación táctil de Kofutu Por favor comparte esteCuración táctil de Kofutucon amigos para que crezca en todo el mundo.



Kofutu Touch Healing - "Suggested Gift" $75.
Other financial options are available depending on your financial situation.

This class is an Individual Training Home Study Course with the Latest Manual that I created, along with a Class Handout that gives you a roadmap in how to do a Kofutu Touch Healing. Also, a class Audio Training MP3 files are provided. The Course is set up so it can be sent via the Internet. Also, there is nothing to memorize like some other Healing Systems.

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Kofutu Touch Healing is totally compatible with Reiki Touch Healing.
Since the late 1970's and early 1980's many Reiki Masters World Wide added some of the Kofutu Touch Healing Symbols to their Reiki Teaching such as the symbol Tamarasha. While Kofutu Touch Healing is not Channeling Energy it does add several features to the Reiki Healing Modality that is Spiritually Beneficial to the healer.

Kofutu works in "Consciousness" rather than "Channeling Energy" as most healing system do. Kofutu connects the recipient to Source and activates their Inner Resources.

KOFUTU TOUCH HEALING is one (1) of two very different Healing Systems in Kofutu, the other is Kofutu Formula Healing. Kofutu Touch Healing means that you need to actually to be touching person receiving the healing. As a comparison, Kofutu Touch Healing would approximate the energy level somewhere between Kofutu Formula Healing Level 3 and 4. Kofutu Touch Healing does not give you access to Kofutu Formula Healing Energy as the are two separate system.

KOFUTU TOUCH HEALING is a system which uses Higher Consciousness Energy Symbols to trigger a person's Healing and Spiritual Growth. You don't need any prior knowledge or experience with Spiritual Healing or growth concepts. 

 After taking Kofutu Touch Healing you can do all of the following: 

  • Do a Touch Physical and Psychological Healing On Yourself or Others
  • Do a Touch Spiritual Development Healing On Yourself or Others
  • Do Kofutu Touch Healing on Plants, Animals, Machines and Objects
  • Use the Kofutu Touch Symbols in Meditation
  • Do the Universal Healings for Planetary Growth, World Peace and Healing the Planet

Kofutu Touch Healing provides a Healing Method that is simple to use and can be completed in 5 minutes. With the Spiritual Development Healing symbols you have a tool that puts you in Total Control of Your Spiritual Awakening.


KOFUTU is a Self-Development and Spiritual Healing System based on the use of higher consciousness energy symbols. These specific Master Symbols allow individuals to access their inner resources in order to accelerate Spiritual Growth, discovery and healing. With Kofutu, you are not Channeling Energy Yourself. You are assisting the recipient to activate their own Healing Energy and Spiritual Wisdom.

KOFUTU is not a substitute for individual efforts on one's personal journey. Rather, KOFUTU enhances a person's ability to release any non-productive energies that create or encourage disharmony in one's Body, Mind, Spirit or Material Life.

The disharmony released need not be limited to physical illness or disease. It may be emotional stress, problems in relationships or careers, financial difficulties or anything in a person's life that is contrary to harmonious flow.

Anyone can learn to use the KOFUTU techniques because the healing action emanates from the use of the these Master Symbols rather than from the healer. No prior knowledge or experience with Spiritual Healing or growth concepts is required.

In many ways Kofutu Touch Healing appears to be similar with Reiki Touch Healing with this major exception. In Kofutu Touch Healing at each healing position the (1) first symbol connects you to the recipient's healing center, (2) the second symbol activates the healing resources within the recipient's healing center, (3) the last symbol disconnects you from the recipient's healing center. This step is repeated as you do all 13 healing centers. These 3 steps are activating the Inner Resources of the recipient and you are not channeling energy through you to the other person!

Biographical Information
I am a Kofutu Formula Healing Grand Master who has been using Kofutu personally and with other people since 1983. Also, I have been teaching Kofutu Formula Healing and Touch Healing since 1989. Over the years I have put together a Home Study Kofutu Touch Healing Training Class that includes:
1. My latest Kofutu Touch Manual

2. A MP3 Audio File that guides you through the latest version of the manual

3. A handout that clarifies many questions that come up with new and advanced students

4. A Kofutu Formula Opening/Attunement that connects you to the Kofutu Touch Energy Matrix.

5. And, a Certificate of Completion from me.

I am always available to answer questions regarding Kofutu to those who have taken classes from me or from other instructors.

My background includes Certification in Reiki and Transpersonal Healing techniques. I am certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and have a Masters degree in Counseling and a Doctorate degree in Spiritual and Psychic Sciences. I am the founder of Living Essence Ministry.

Jim Peltier, Ph.D.
Kofutu Formula Grand Master and Certified Kofutu Instructor
2217 Santa Ana
Las Cruces NM 88011-7003

(541) 388-1254

Email eleiah33@gmail.com