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Kofutu Touch Healing now available in Spanish
updated 05-13-2019

Kofutu Touch Healing is totally compatible with Reiki Touch Healing. While Kofutu Touch Healing began in 1981 it is the New Generation of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Awakening. Kofutu Touch Healing is now available in Spanish.

Mientras que "Kofutu Toque Curación" comenzó en 1981, es la Nueva Generación de Curación Espiritual y Despertar Espiritual. "Kofutu Toque Curación"  ya está disponible en Español. Contacto Jim Peltier eleiah33@gmail.com

Moments of Sharing Book 1 and 2 and 3.
PDF Documents that can be downloaded for Free.

A sharing of the insights and wisdom about the Spiritual Awakening Process gained over many years.
Perhaps these writings will give the reader additional insights about their Spiritual Awakening

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JIM PELTIER, PH.D. ALSO KNOWN AS ELEIAH Eleiah is a Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Healer, Kofutu Healing Grand Master, and a Spiritual Intuitive.

While he was completing his Doctorate Degree he was guided by the Ascended Masters to teach classes in Spiritual Development and was provided the format for the classes while in meditation. These classes are based on "The Inward Path to Oneness" with your Higher Spiritual Being.

Eleiah is a Spiritual Teacher and Healer who joined the Spiritual Community of Las Cruces NM in 2014 and all of Humanity since his birth. Prior to moving to Las Cruces he resided in Bend OR for 25 years and originally is from Minneapolis, MN where he started his training in Healing, Counseling and Spiritual Teaching in the late 1970's.

He completed his Ph.D. at the International College of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences in Montreal, Canada, and has a Masters Degree in Counseling and is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Jim/Eleiah is a Spiritual Channel who uses many types of healing energy such as: Kofutu,  Reiki and Other Energies and Higher Spiritual States of Consciousness in his Healing Practice.

Eleiah has learned how to integrate the use of NLP, Other-Than-Conscious Therapy, Spiritual Intuition, Higher Levels of Consciousness, Unconditional Love and Spiritual Energy to reunite your body, mind and spirit for more Peace, Joy, Love and Happiness in your life. This healing model is called Transformational Healing and Counseling.

A Transformational Healing and Counseling Session clears out both conscious and unconscious beliefs, memories and issues that are interfering with your goals in life and your Spiritual Connection. In the healing session you focus on creating the reality you want and what you no longer want is removed. The best part of this type of healing is that Jim teaches you how to do it in the healing session. This is a "Hands On Modality"!


TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING and COUNSELING: The use of Healing Energy, Channeling and Transformational Counseling to heal physical ailments/pain, emotional trauma or fear and psychological issues. Unite your body, mind and spirit for more Peace, Joy, Love and Happiness in your life. This is only offered as a Hands-On-Healing at my home. Suggested Gift of 125 dollars USD For a session of approximately 1 Hour. You also receive Free Physical and Psychological Healing for 3 months 24/7.

KOFUTU FORMULA SPIRITUAL HEALING TRAINING: Kofutu Formula Healing can be sent for specific: Physical ailments/pain, Emotional trauma/fear, Psychological issues, and Spiritual Direction. Healings are also available for: the Aura, Wholeness, Relationships, Emotional Detachment, and Many More Types of Healing are available. Check out the Free Kofutu Spiritual Healing Section. Also Check out the Kofutu Formula Spiritual Healing Training Section.

KOFUTU TOUCH SPIRITUAL HEALING TRAINING: A multilevel and multidimensional system of Spiritual Development and Spiritual Healing based on the use of healing scripts that use higher consciousness energy symbols to triggers a person's own personal and spiritual growth process. Kofutu Awakens You Spiritually. Kofutu can be learned in the comfort of your home via mail. Check out the Kofutu Touch Spiritual Healing Training Section.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CLASSES Spiritual Development Level 1, 2 and 4 are available as home study class. Check out the Spiritual Development Classes Section.

These Meditations are examples of the Meditations and Class Lectures that can be purchased for Spiritual Development 1 and 2.

SD1 Meditation Grounding.MP3

SD1 Meditation Golden Light of Truth.MP3

SD1 Meditation Candle Flame.MP3

Check out the Meditation CD's Section

Mini Meditations for Free. These Meditations are about 6 minutes in length so they are a Sampler of the longer Meditations which are about 26 minutes long.

Moments 06-15-2012 Meditation.MP3

Moments 09-15-2012 Meditation.MP3

The Gift to Share with others.

CD104 Meditation Filling Up With Love.MP3

A channeled reading from your Higher Spiritual Self to provide guidance and understanding as to what is going on in your life. Bring your personal questions for the Reading. Distant Readings are also available and are recorded for your convenience. Suggested Gift of 125 dollars USD for approximately 1 Hour Recorded Session
. You also receive Free Physical and Psychological Healing for 3 months 24/7.

CHANNELED LIFE COACHING:  Bring your specific questions about your life and receive answers Channeled from Your Higher-Self as to what is in your Highest and Best Interest in dealing with these questions. People report that 95% of the time the answers received turned out to be accurate. Many time additional information is provided beyond the specific questions asked. Suggested Gift of 125 dollars USD for approximately 1 Hour Recorded Session. You also receive Free Physical and Psychological Healing for 3 months 24/7.

MOMENTS OF SHARING an Email Newsletter sharing the thoughts and insights of Eleiah. Check out the Moments of Sharing Newsletter Section. If you would like more information about any of the Services I offer please contact me using the following information or go to my Contact Page. Peace and Harmony is within each of us.
May your day be filled with Peace and Love.

Jim Peltier, Ph.D.

2217 Santa Ana

Las Cruces NM 88011-7003





Ph.D., in Spiritual & Psychic Sciences
M.A., in Psychology & Counseling
Certified in:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Other-Than-Conscious Therapy
Spiritual Healing


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